Respite Care

Even caregivers need a break, and whether it’s due to an upcoming vacation, tending to business or children, or needing a sabbatical from the challenges of caring around the clock for a family member, with Vero Health & Rehab communities’ respite care program, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being given world-class care in our nurturing environment. From the moment they enter the door, each of our respite care residents is given the special attention they deserve to assist in the adjustment process.

While in our respite care program, Vero Health & Rehab is able to provide access to resources that are rare to most older adults in the community, including rehabilitative services from our physical, occupational, and speech therapy department, and restorative nursing services. With a formalized activities program that keeps each resident actively engaged and offers opportunities to socialize with a large number of friendly older adults and the opportunity to select from a wide variety of three home cooked meals and healthy snacks (all in collaboration with our licensed dietitians), your loved one will receive unparalleled care at Vero Health and Rehab Center.

Upon discharge from our respite care program, we also provide additional resources and assistance, both for the resident and the caregiver(s) to aid in the adjustment process. Being the primary caregiver for a dependent older adult is a challenging experience, but with Vero Health and Rehab Center, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one.

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