End of Life Care

At Vero Health and Rehab centers, our commitment to quality, compassionate care is unwavering and central to our mission.   Our palliative care programs are individually designed to meet each customer’s end-of-life goals; bringing forth peace of mind and a comfortable conclusion to one’s earthly life.    End of Life care is a difficult discussion but one met with grace and dignity at Vero Health and Rehab.

Each Vero Health and Rehab center is trained to graciously support end of life care choices.  Whether you choose facility-delivered end of life care by our clinical care team (known as Palliative or End of Life Care) or Hospice care through a contracted provider while residing in our center; we are committed to your comfortable and peaceful journey.

All customers who choose end of life or Hospice services will benefit from a highly skilled interdisciplinary team that includes Medical Directors,  Palliative Care Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Psychologists, a Pastoral Care team, and Volunteers.  At Vero Health and Rehab, we treat not only the resident, but also the resident’s entire family.

Our professionals place a strong emphasis on care and comfort and utilize both effective pharmacological interventions to treat pain as well as multiple, holistic non-medical interventions to meet your end of life goals. As with many of our other care programs, Vero’s end of life care starts with a comprehensive assessment of the resident’s medical conditions as well as information about each resident’s wishes, likes, and dislikes. We then involve the family and work to facilitate meaningful experiences, for both the resident and family members. At Vero, we believe that equal doses of reminiscing, coupled with the creation of new, positive memories is a recipe for meaningful end-of-life experience.

When a loved one receives a terminal medical diagnosis, the entire experience can feel overwhelming. We understand how difficult it can be, and even though no intervention can cure a terminal or end stage disease, we are committed to ensuring each resident’s end-of-life journey is filled with care, comfort, compassion, and love.

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