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MDS/Case Management Nurse

Locations Available:
  • Worcester
  • Hampden
  • Thunderbolt

We are looking for a MDS/Case Management Nurse to join our team! If you are looking for a self-fulling job in healthcare, then look no further. Apply today to take the first step in joining our family like atmosphere!

MDS/Case Management Nurse:

The primary purpose of your job position is to conduct and coordinate the development and completion of the resident assessment in accordance with the requirements of this state and the policies and goals of this facility.

Administrative Functions:
  • Conduct and coordinate the development and completion of resident assessments (MDS/PPS/PDPM) in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the resident assessment, including the CAAs.
  • Maintain and periodically update written policies and procedures that govern the development, use, and implementation of the resident assessments (MDS/PPS/PDPM) and care plan.
  • Coordinate clinical resident updates to managed care providers.
  • Perform administrative duties such as completing medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, etc., as necessary.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing quality assurance program for the resident assessment/care plans.
  • Assist the resident and Discharge Planning Coordinator in completing the care plan portion of the resident’s discharge plan.
  • Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies.
  • Monitor the facility’s QI and QM reports to ensure that appropriate corrective action can be implemented when potential problems areas occur.
  • Ensure that all assessments are completed and transmitted in a timely manner. Report problem areas to the administrator.
  • Ensure that a current copy of the MDS Instructor’s Manual are available to persons completing portions of the resident assessments.
  • Agree not to disclose assigned user ID code and password for accessing resident/facility information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
  • Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
  • Report any known or suspected unauthorized attempt to access facility’s information system.
  • Review the facilities Casper Reports with the facility administrator and Regional Director of Clinical Reimbursement to ensure proper follow up as directed.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Case Management and Assessment Functions
  • Coordinate the development of the 48-hour care plan and comprehensive assessments of the nursing needs of each resident, utilizing the forms required by current rules or regulations and facility policies.
  • Ensure that appropriate health professionals are involved in the assessments.
  • Ensure that all members of the assessment team are aware of the importance of completeness and accuracy in their assessment functions and that they are aware of the penalties, including civil money penalties, for false certification.
  • Coordinate the development of a written plan of care (preliminary and comprehensive) for each resident that identifies the problems/needs of the resident, indicates the care to be given, goals to be accomplished, and which professional service is responsible for each element of care.
  • Ensure that the care plan includes measurable objectives and timetables to meet the resident’s medical, nursing, and mental and psychosocial needs as identified in the resident’s assessment.
  • Ensure that an initial MDS resident assessment is completed within fourteen days of the resident’s admission.
  • Ensure that a comprehensive care plan is completed within twenty-one days of the resident’s admission.
  • Assist the nursing staff in encouraging the resident and his/her family to participate in the development and review of the resident’s plan of care.
  • Develop the schedule of activities required for the resident assessment and plan of care.
  • Gather information and communicate routinely with the case managers; securing support for ongoing services.
  • Assist the Director of Nursing Services and relevant directors/supervisors of other departments in ensuring that all personnel involved in providing care to the resident are aware of the resident’s care plan and that nursing personnel refer to the resident’s care plan prior to administering daily care to the resident.
  • Ensure that quarterly and annual resident assessments and care plan reviews are made on a timely basis.
  • Ensure that a complete resident assessment is conducted within fourteen days of a significant change in the resident’s condition.
  • Coordinate the review and revision of the resident’s care plan by the interdisciplinary team after each quarterly review or other assessment, assuring that the care plan is evaluated and revised each time an assessment is done or when there is a change in the resident’s status.
  • Assist the Director of Nursing Services and other relevant directors and supervisors in maintaining good rapport and morale between and within departments to ensure that a team effort is achieved in developing and implementing a comprehensive assessment and plan of care.
  • Inform all assessment team members of the requirements for accuracy and completion of the resident assessment (MDS).
  • Ensure that each portion of the assessment is signed and dated by the person completing that portion of the MDS.
  • Sign and date the assessment instrument to certify its completion.
  • Ensure that medical and nursing care is administered in accordance with the resident’s wishes, including the implementation of advance directives.
  • Notify the Administrator/DNS and Regional Director of Clinical Reimbursement of any State/Insurance/Medicare Audits
  • Ensure timely completion of physician certifications for skilled care (Medicare/Insurance).
  • Provide periodic updates to Case Managers as requested for any skilled insurance residents.
  • Conduct daily PPS meeting with IDT.
  • Update dates of PPS/Insurance assessments timely.
  • Maintain accurate and complete PPS binder.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Must possess, as a minimum, a Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Must have, as a minimum, two (2) years of experience as a supervisor in a hospital, nursing care facility, or other related health care facility.
  • Must have, as a minimum, six (6) months training experience in rehabilitative and restorative nursing practices.
Vero Health Care is an equal employment opportunity employer. All employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and competence and not influenced or affected by race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, ancestry, marital status, military status, veterans status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristics protected by federal, state, or local law.

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