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Our Philosophy

We aim to provide the highest level of person-centered care in all of our centers. Our success lies in the energy and abilities of all Vero team members working collabortatively with our residents, their families, and all members of the care team. At all levels of our organization, we promote the highest standards of respect and appreciation for each other and those for whom we care.  We will maintain a true focus on quality care, honesty and integrity.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest standards and quality care to our residents with respec, compassion, and skilled professionalism.

The Vero Vision

We strive to create clinical programs and services specific to the needs of our residents to achieve the highest clinical results. We employ an innovative, person-centered approach to providing health care services thereby becoming an invaluable resource in our resident's care continuum.

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Why Our Care Is Superior
  • RATING: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • RATING: GOOD State Report Cards
  • Featured Care Services

    Learn AboUT: Rehabilitation Services

    Vero Health & Rehab center care givers create an individualized plan of care for each resident through the coordination of therapy services and skilled nursing care. Our expert therapist utilize various disciplines and modalities to ensure everyone treated is restored to the highlest level of function regardless of diagnosis.

    Learn AboUT: Cultural Specific Care

    Vero Health & Rehab homes reflect the diversity of the communities in which they provide care. Our VFW Parkway location provides services specifically delveoped for the Chinese American population of Boston. 維羅健康與康復院反映了他們提供護理的社區的多樣性。 在我們的1190 VFW的位置,我們的團隊專門製定了一個計劃,以滿足波士頓流行的華裔社區成員的需求。

    Learn AboUT: Haitian Care

    In Mattapan, our River Street location offers residents activities and food rooted in the vibrant culture of Haiti. The comfort of familiarity created by our Creole speaking care givers promotes a healing environment.
    Nan Mattapan, kote nou situye nan River Street la, nou bay reizidan yo aktivite ak manje ki gen rasin nan kilti Ayisyen yan. San konte meni tradysyonel Ameriken, Vero ofri anpil lot bagaye ki gen rappor avek Ayiti. Konfò nan abityd kreye pa moun ki pale kreyol kap bay nou swen, ankouraje yon anviwònman pou gerizon.

    Learn AboUT: Insurance Network and ACO Participation Information

    Vero Health & Rehab facilities have in-network provider status with a number of Managed Medicare and Medicaic programs. Learn more about these relationships.

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