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Welcome to Vero Health and Rehab

Vero Health Management, LLC

Vero Health Management, LLC was founded in 2013. Our executive management team collectively has over 50 years of successful service to seniors in need of skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services. We are driven by our philosophy to provide care to our residents with Respect, Compassion and Skilled professionalism. Come and see the difference!


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Our Philosophy

Vero is devoted to meeting the therapeutic needs of our customers with compassion, respect & skilled


Vero is devoted to creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere for our
residents that will promote healing, encourage independence and support the optimal quality of life for each individual.


Vero is devoted to creating an
environment in which the rights and dignity of others is always put first.

Skilled Professionalism

Vero is devoted to providing an
optimistic atmosphere and the
specialized services needed to improve each resident’s quality of life.

Our Services

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Rehabilitation Services

A sudden or chronic illness, surgery, accident or hospitalization may have affected you and your ability to..

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Post Acute Recovery Support

A stay in the hospital whether it be for a few days, a week or a month can often result in a general…

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Skilled Nursing Services

A sudden or chronic illness, surgery, accident or hospitalization may have affected you and your…

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Long Term Care Services

Like all post-acute centers, Vero Health & Rehab communities’ provide an integrated and individualized…

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Respite Care Services

Even caregivers need a break. Whether it’s due to an upcoming vacation, tending to family or unexpected work…

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End of Life Services

When a loved one receives a terminal medical diagnosis, the entire experience can feel overwhelming…

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We’ve been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance
the lives of aging adults and their families.

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    We’ve been there. We understand.

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